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eDoorways Corp. (PINKSHEETS: EDWY)
General Environmental Management Inc. (OTCBB: GEVI)
Muscle Flex Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MFLI)
Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: NPDT)



eDoorways Corp. (PINKSHEETS:EDWY)

eDoorways Corp. (PINKSHEETS: EDWY) has grown almost overnight from an intriguing idea about a better way to connect consumers and vendors, to a rapidly expanding Web presence that redefines how to view the Internet. That’s because it addresses a basic need that search engines and other web-based tools do not, the need for information that is personalized, immediate, objective, and leads directly to a workable solution. The company’s first “doorway”, called SOLVE, is a prime example of this.

Almost everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to use the Internet to solve even the most basic consumer problems. For example, suppose your home computer is getting sluggish. Do you need a new one or is it a virus that you might be able to remove? Do you take it to a computer repair shop or can you do something for it yourself? What computer repair shop is best if you want to repair it? What stores are offering the best deals if you want to buy a new computer?

A search engine will split up a collection of stores that deal with computers, with no easy way to tell one from the other, along with a mile long list of other web sites that may or may not be of any value to you. Everything else is up to you, meaning you’ll probably spend much of the day trolling websites, calling stores, and otherwise trying to get an intelligent and objective answer to your questions. And, of course, the problem is magnified if the resources involved are national or global in scope instead of just local. Your other option is to try and identify any specialty sites that may be focused on your particular area of need, in which case you can spend the rest of the day doing that, with no guarantee that they will give you what you are after.

eDoorways approaches the problem differently, using social networking plus advanced search capabilities to help you get the answers you are looking for quickly and easily. By entering “Power Keys”, the eDoorways version of search engine keywords, you are instantly linked with independent experts that can give you objective advice, along with vendors who deal directly in that field. You are free to chat with the experts or the vendors, and can even get competing bids from vendors if a vendor is needed. To a consumer, it’s a way to get quick and personalized answers unavailable anywhere else. To a vendor, it represents an opportunity to present services and products to a highly targeted and motivated audience, an opportunity that vendors are willing to pay for.

But the real future of eDoorways goes well beyond all of this, and represents a new way of using the capabilities of the Internet. By focusing on people, and not just information, eDoorways has opened up a world of possibilities. They are already developing a LEARN doorway, allowing anyone on the planet to collaborate, create, and market personalized courses based upon their own expertise. And there are many other doorways to come, in addition to mobile capabilities so that communication is available in the field when and where it is most needed.




General Environmental Management Inc.

General Environmental Management Inc. (OTCBB: GEVI) made a strategic decision a few months ago to switch the focus of the company from hazardous waste field services to the more lucrative water treatment and waste-to-energy markets. The company's management firmly believes that shareholders will benefit in the long-term from this move into faster-growing markets.

The company's initial forays into these markets will focus on western areas of the United States. General Environmental has already made one large deal in the rapidly-growing water business. The recently-closed deal saw the company acquire California-based Santa Clara Waste Water, a profitable 50 year old wastewater treatment business.

General Environmental also recently made a move into the waste-to-energy business. The company signed a letter of intent with privately-held Cake Energy LLC, a waste-to-energy technology company, to build and operate leading-edge waste-to-energy facilities in the western United States. Cake Energy has developed proprietary technology which turns sludge into energy.

Cake Energy's proprietary technology has other believers in it besides General Environmental such as the Heinz family, which has invested into the company. A single plant of this type is believed to be capable of processing up to 120 tons of sludge per day. The anticipated revenue model is to charge municipalities a flat price per ton of waste processed as well as sell the excess energy generated from the process. General Environmental hopes to build the first such plant within the next two years.

With the move into these faster-growing, more-profitable markets, General Environmental should be able to build upon its already enviable track record – growing their revenues at a 47% compounded annual rate since 2002. In the United States alone, the water industry is a $120 billion market and growing at a 6%-7% rate. The waste-to-energy market is growing at an even faster pace and is currently a $20 billion global market.




Muscle Flex Inc. (PINKSHEETS:MFLI)

Muscle Flex Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MFLI) is a cutting-edge fitness, health and lifestyle company that develops exciting new products which focus on the lifestyle of the average person. These innovative products are then marketed through the use of direct response TV ads and infomercials as well as through the creation of television media content for network and cable television distribution.

The company offers an array of health and lifestyle products. One product line is their VATA Brasil sports and active wear collection. This clothing line incorporates their innovative, lightweight and highly elastic 'OneFit' fabric. Muscle Flex is also developing an entirely new product line in water – including consumer products for filtration and overall health.

One of the latest offerings from Muscle Flex is the BUDDY Tablet Caddy. It is a consumer product aimed to be a “buddy” for many people who need to take medications on a regular basis. It is a compact, portable tablet container with three individual compartments, a digital timer and an alarm to remind users when it is time to take their prescriptions, supplements, etc. This pharmacist-approved product aids in ensuring the maximum effectiveness for all medications a person is required to take.

Another new product from Muscle Flex is the Beagle StepFit Pedometer for walking and running. This pedometer has numerous features, all designed to be useful while making exercise, such as jogging or walking, more enjoyable. The features include: a step counter, a distance counter, a calorie burn counter, a body fat monitor as well as a clock with an alarm.

These innovative products, many of which were designed by company founder and CEO Danny Alex, can be purchased at the company's website – www.MuscleFlex.com. The company recently acquired the web domain name and has gone live with a new updated site ahead of the national release of the Beagle StepFit commercial. This purchase of the web domain should allow the company to get the most 'bang' from their advertising dollar and help them build a solid relationship with their customers.




Newport Digital Technologies Inc. (OTCBB:NPDT)

Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: NPDT) is a company that deserves special attention because of its unique position in the high-tech marketplace. The company has established exclusive partnerships with two premier technology incubators involved in developing some of the world’s most advanced (and marketable) technologies. These two tech powerhouses, both based in Taiwan, represent the talents and developments of nearly 8,000 engineers and scientists.

The Institute for Information Industry (III) is considered one of the world’s top R&D sources for RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and WiMAX. It’s also one of the top design and implementation centers for large scale information systems, including Taiwan’s e-Government project.

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is known around the world for its developments in nanotechnology, materials, and chemical sciences, as well as for advanced electronics and biomedical technologies. It’s also known for advanced manufacturing systems.

These partnerships give Newport Digital co-ownership of all intellectual property rights involving any co-developments, along with exclusive global distribution rights for related products and technology applications. What this means is that Newport Digital has the key to some of the hottest technologies in the world, effectively a gatekeeper role between the technologies and the marketplace. It’s hard to imagine a better position.

The company is building a global distribution, licensing, and sales network of industry-leading partners, along with third-party ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) and component suppliers. The plan is to combine world-beating technology with strong local support capabilities, producing innovative new applications and highly integrated systems, resulting in smarter and more creative customer solutions.

The company’s unique position is increasingly being recognized by others. NDT has now been asked to make a presentation at the Southern California Investment Association Conference in Irvine, California. The conference highlights emerging growth companies, and includes broker/dealers, investment and merchant bankers, investment advisors, analysts, financial service and fund managers, capital formation service providers, institutions, media and accredited investors.




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