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Awareness Strategies

Brand awareness is the key to establishing your position in a competitive market. Everything – from company name selection to graphic elements – need to be carefully deliberated to create a consistent image for your brand. SeriousTraders believes that the right marketing presence and reputation establishment across platforms can help you accomplish your brand awareness goals.

Market Presence
The key to increasing brand awareness is establishing visibility. This goal can be accomplished in a number of ways. Sharing company updates, writing press releases and uploading new website content on a regular basis all rank among the top approaches. Blog posts, articles, your social media presence and online interactions are all important. Regular communication with shareholders is also a key component of establishing your market presence.

Business Reputation
Your company’s reputation depends on various things. Your website, the quality of online content and effective customer service are all vital. Consistent communication that establishes your authority in the field is also a key reputation establishment element.

Consistent Branding
All of your brand awareness strategies should have one primary goal – consistency. Consistency refers to the tone of the message, the frequency of updates, the quality of customer service and even the way in which you craft your social media presence. The message should always be professional and in line with your corporate values.

The SeriousTraders team will develop cost-effective, tailored strategies designed to boost your online visibility and contribute to a higher level of awareness. Distribution across multiple channels and the utilization of various formats in combination with the above-mentioned consistency will yield the best possible results.

Understand the fact that establishing brand awareness is an ongoing process. Experienced marketers know that constant monitoring and analysis of campaign results will contribute to improvements in the future and an even more tailored message.

SeriousTraders relies on a thorough approach toward establishing brand awareness, including:

  • Long-term content creation by a team of professional copywriters
  • Distribution across an array of relevant platforms (currently exceeding 5,000)
  • Featured placement in the SeriousTraders newsletter
  • Social media marketing strategy creation and execution
  • Press release writing and distribution
  • Production of videos (focused on executive management, interviews and corporate news, among other topics)