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What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategic approach toward achieving good positioning on the search engine results page (SERP) for keywords of preference. In essence, it ensures the visibility of your brand in online searches. Most people today rely on search engines to begin their customer journey and learn about relevant products or services. A good search engine standing gives you a competitive advantage and better exposure than the competition.

Keywords are the relevant words and phrases that people type into Google to find information. Most people will explore solely the top results and never go beyond the first SERP. To be featured on that search page, you’ll need to undertake a strategic SEO campaign.

SEO requires a comprehensive approach to demonstrate the quality of a website’s content and its relevance. Search engines like Google rely on a complex algorithm to assess performance and determine whether the respective page deserves top positioning. The algorithm changes frequently, and search engines explore multiple websites in the same field continuously. Thus, the good standing you have today could be gone tomorrow. Effective optimization requires ongoing efforts.

Keyword-Based Optimization

Good keyword selection is the backbone of a search engine optimization strategy. You have to know which keywords are most relevant in the industry and which could be used to describe your business, products or services.

Once the right keywords have been identified through extensive analysis, these will be utilized to craft content. The relevance of the content is determined by the words and phrases featured most prominently on each page. The process isn’t random. SEO professionals rely on well-established techniques to improve the positioning of a certain website for keywords of preference. The placement also has to be natural, because overusing (stuffing) keywords could lead to algorithmic penalties.

SEO as a Marketing Approach

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful digital marketing approaches. It can be used on the content of a website, within a social media marketing campaign, in a press release or even throughout pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

The skills that SEO professionals acquire can be used to craft content that will enjoy an optimal reach.

Because of its importance, SEO cannot be left to chance. SeriousTraders has the experience to develop an optimization strategy for every company out there. Call us to discuss the options, the current performance of your online presence and the things that can be done to get better results in the future.