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Corporate Communications

If you have any doubt that corporate communications affect what your business is worth, consider Facebook’s precipitous drop in valuation in July 2018. The tech titan shed around $123 billion in market value, a fall from grace attributed in part to an inability to manage investor expectations following a series of calamitous revelations. Facebook was either unaware or unable to signal that its efforts to tackle fake news and other forms of platform abuse would slow revenue and earnings or that the highly publicized scandal involving Cambridge Analytica would see the global population unfriend it. As a result, its reputation has suffered and the worth of the business fell.

As Jeff Bezos famously opined, “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” He may have added how important it is to let customers and investors know what you’re up to and how you’re dealing with problems, should they arise. It’s no use hiding your light under a bushel.

Corporate communications, which used to be called public relations, are an integral aspect of business strategy. A breakdown in corporate communications has the potential to affect the company’s operation, cause irreparable damage to the public perception, ruin a company’s reputation and severely erode investor confidence. Clearly, there’s a lot of risk if an organization does not pay enough attention to getting out the right message.

SeriousTraders has developed a highly effective framework for corporate communications that will enhance the image of your brand with the most compelling forms of messaging. Our experienced, professional team will help you develop powerful communications strategies for both internal and external consumption. Keeping employees informed is just as important as staying in touch with external constituents.

Typically, many organizations focus on external communications and neglect internal messaging. This is a mistake. Neglecting internal messaging can adversely affect business efficiency and productivity. If you suspect your internal communications are ineffective, since employees are not responding to company emails, news or announcements, then the perspective of a third party, such as SeriousTraders, could be invaluable in identifying gaps in communication or miscommunications that need to be fixed in order to re-engage with your staff.

SeriousTraders will provide brand development and support strategies customized to the needs of your business. Our service includes the drafting, review and distribution of news releases that will promote your brand to the desired target market.

Our approach to corporate communications begins with an assessment of all your promotion channels and materials to ensure that they align with the image of your brand, and that they avoid mixed messaging. We can evaluate your current resources and marketing materials to make improvements where necessary, or create new materials from scratch.

SeriousTraders has extensive experience in the creation of high-quality, informative copy that conveys your corporate message effectively. We have created a wide range of marketing and communications materials for many companies, including fact sheets, conference presentations and sales material.

We have the capabilities to produce corporate videos and the experience to organize conference calls and webcasts. You can’t afford to get corporate communications wrong. Contact SeriousTraders to request a thorough audit of your current situation and institute the necessary changes to ensure that you deliver consistently high-quality communications to your investors and consumers.

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