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Print Advertising

Print advertising in 2018? According to some quarters, this mode of marketing has been phased out by digital media. While it’s true that print media has been on a rapid decline, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s of no use to marketers. Most magazines have shifted to online formats, but quite a number of prestigious publications have retained their print editions. In fact, there are plenty of people who have well-developed taste in print media and disposable income to buy pricier print versions.

Why Print Advertising?

  1. Relatively High Conversion Rates
    Industry research notes that 79% of consumers act on print. Not only do more people take action on print ads; a majority of them find it easier to remember the products or services being presented. Print ads stick with the reader, and it’s also easier to vividly recollect them.
  2. Print Ads Build Trust
    When you place an advertisement in a trusted publication, this trust often transfers to your brand. This may not take place in the digital space, which is often flooded with scammers. Intrinsically, the solidness of print media relays to consumers that your products and services will give them value for their money.
  3. Print Appeals to the Older Demographic
    Today, many companies focus on millennials as their core demographic. However, there are plenty of businesses that still rely on the older population. Apart from the elderly, there are many people who are more methodical and want less noise. You can best reach this audience through print ads.

Though it requires a lot of creativity due to competition from digital media, print advertising is still viable in generating leads. Good print ads require a unique concept, excellent design and thoughtful layout. Technology today also allows print to be shared on digital platforms.

Our creative team at SeriousTraders will create for you memorable print ads by developing a concept that aligns with your brand. Contact our team today for print ads that will put your brand in the spotlight.