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Distribution Partners

To make the most of great news and company updates, you need a reliable distribution channel. Companies today partner up with various media outlets and rely on a medley of communication channels like television networks, social media, newspapers, online media, newswires, radio stations and various online platforms. Some of the digital and traditional outlets will charge a fee for publishing the write-up, while other channels, like social media, are free to use.

Very often, these free channels can distribute news faster and much more effectively. They’re free to use and they can reach a large audience. Even if a paid advertising campaign via a social media channel is carried out, it can still deliver better results and a higher level of cost-efficiency than other distribution outlets. Information can be shared rapidly across a platform like Facebook or Twitter. The marketing reach can be massive, generating awareness and consumer interest.

Distribution channels should be chosen on the basis of the news you want to share. Certain specialized channels are a good choice for the distribution of industry reports or financial updates about your business. Social media offer a lot more versatility. Whether you have to share news about your company or an advertising post, Facebook could be a good choice.

Your choice of distribution partner will determine the number of people and the type of audience you’re going to reach.

Over the years, SeriousTraders has worked hard to develop its distribution network. Today, we have over 5,000 strong partnerships with distribution channels and platforms. Our clients also benefit from our experience and knowledge when it comes to crafting a powerful, newsworthy message. Through the right distribution channel and message, your brand exposure can be increased exponentially.