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Press Kits

Regardless of the industry and company size, a press kit is a powerful marketing tool. Press kits are typical for larger companies, but they can be extremely useful for all businesses. Even small and medium-sized companies can rely on press kits to get potential investors interested.

What is a Press Kit?

A press kit is a set of promotional and informative materials aimed at providing key data about a company. The purpose of the press kit is to paint a complete picture. This is why a typical press kit can contain all kinds of information, including:

  • Company history, mission and vision
  • Personal profiles and biographies of the managerial team members
  • Product profiles and specifications
  • Growth prospects
  • Recent company news
  • Awards and distinctions
  • Audio and photographic materials that support the presentation
  • Video

How is a Press Kit Created?

A good press kit has to be balanced. It should provide important information while also doing a bit of marketing. The aim of the press kit is to stimulate further inquiries. For this reason, a press kit shouldn’t be overly aggressive or promotional. Concise, powerful and focused content should be featured to address some of the most common questions that potential investors, customers and the media will have.

The best press kits create a positive first impression. They will entice the reader to look for additional information and learn more about the company. Generating interest in the business is not an easy task due to the availability of information and intense competition. This is why a press kit should be viewed as a valuable opportunity. It should invite the audience to get in touch with the business.

While most companies understand the importance of press kits, few are prepared to handle the creation process. A professional press kit requires time and hard work; it cannot be compiled overnight. In addition, new company developments and news will necessitate regular updates.

The Importance of an Outside Perspective

Good press kits are written, compiled and designed by professionals. Hiring a team to deal with the process from start to finish will give you the best possible outcome.

Outside experts can acquaint themselves with the history and the development of your brand while also maintaining a degree of objectivity. By learning more about the business, they’ll determine which aspects of the organization deserve to be highlighted and which news can attract the most attention. A company insider is too involved in everyday processes, which is why key details may be overlooked.

SeriousTraders has a professional team that can identify the information and the news to include in a corporate press kit. We understand what investors are looking for and what it takes to put your brand in the spotlight. Do you have a press kit that you want to upgrade and enhance? Are you starting the process from scratch? We can provide invaluable assistance in both instances. We will work on the creation of a professional product that targets the right audience and that delivers a compelling message. We have the experience and the creativity to put together high quality press kits that will deliver measurable results.