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Awareness Strategy

External engagement is one of the best strategies for the establishment of a successful brand. SeriousTraders can help you develop and constantly improve the relationship you build with the outside world. Brand perception is heavily dependent on everything you put out there. We know what it takes to craft and broadcast the right message that is 100 percent in line with your brand identity.

A good brand awareness strategy requires ongoing efforts. Awareness campaigns have a pulse, and you have to keep the momentum going through external engagement. The feedback that you get from the audience will provide the information needed to improve relevance and get even better results in the future.

External engagement relies on many approaches, but two have proven to be exceptionally effective – social media marketing and public relations. Such campaigns have the largest reach, thus the best possible visibility. While most companies recognize the importance of such approaches, they lack the know-how or the resources to use them in the best possible way.

SeriousTraders has the knowledge to develop a brand awareness strategy that matches your goals. We have the experience, the tools and the resources to grow your visibility in ways that matter. Brand-specific materials will be distributed via an array of channels, and we will rely on blog posts, industry articles, company news, social media campaigns and other content to increase your level of brand awareness.

Our approach is multi-faceted. Here’s what you can expect from your partnership with SeriousTraders:

  • Article creation and distribution to more than 50 destinations
  • Social media marketing and relationship management
  • Sound media coverage (we have a dedicated professional writing team)
  • Development and distribution of SEO content focusing on company news
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Corporate communication material creation
  • Press release distribution
  • Corporate video production