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Shareholder Inquiry

Some investors seek investment information from websites, social media and SEC filings. Many others, however, want their information to come straight from the horse’s mouth. When you receive direct inquiries from current and potential shareholders, these inquiries should be responded to promptly and by either an authoritative, expert investor relations officer within your company or by a professional outside agency.

If you handle shareholder inquiries in-house, it is important that you authorize a competent person or group within your company to take on the task. Any individuals responding to inquiries should be thoroughly knowledgeable about all aspects of your company and be able to smoothly and effectively respond to any questions that come up regarding your company’s performance, operations, and happenings that affect investment.

Your organization should encourage and welcome shareholder inquiries, demonstrating that you are confident about your performance and also fostering continued communication between your company and the investment community. Transparency is one of the most powerful tools you have in terms of establishing trust with your shareholders and encouraging new investment.

The investor relations specialists at SeriousTraders stand ready to assist you and support your organization’s in-house investor relations campaigns. We will help you establish an effective strategy for handling any and all inquiries. If you do not have a qualified team member to handle your shareholder inquiries in-house, our experts can take of that for you.

The inquiry response strategies we employ include investor, public and social media relations, and we unite all three in building your company’s credibility and boosting its transparency, communication and engagement with shareholders. Over the course of many years, we have created and fine-tuned our strategies based on our extensive knowledge of the financial markets.