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Private & Group Meetings

Meetings and face-to-face communication with investors are obviously important, but what does it take to plan such an event? Most executives don’t have the answer. Deciding that a meeting will be held is the simplest part of the process. Choosing the right venue, organizing refreshments, preparing the presentation and impressing investors will be much more difficult.

The planning efforts necessitate a lot of time, a fact that many companies underestimate. A private investor meeting is demanding on its own, but, when a group conference is to be scheduled, the situation becomes even more challenging.

Investors are attentive individuals who take note of everything. A small detail or a tiny omission will leave a negative mark on the meeting. From the selection of the accommodation facilities to the travel arrangements, you’ll want to be impeccable.

To be successful, you need to have sufficient knowledge about the needs and preferences of each investor with whom you’ll be meeting. A successful event is all about personalization and having the best possible organization.

SeriousTraders has the professional experience and knowledge to plan meetings that will be beneficial for all parties involved. We will oversee every single detail of the execution and management. Some of the services you’ll gain access to through a partnership with us include:

  • Event popularization and marketing
  • Drafting of presentation materials
  • Venue selection
  • Accommodation planning and booking
  • Meeting registration
  • Recording of the event for addition to a corporate archive and post-event distribution
  • Follow-up survey drafting and management