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Focus Groups

Every customer has an opinion about your business and brand, whether you want to hear it or not. Gathering that feedback, good or bad, can help your business grow and expand. Focus groups are vital for developing strategic marketing plans that either fix an issue or capitalize on something your customers love. Aside from the products and services customers purchase, you can be sure that they’ve formed an opinion on the content you’re producing on your social media pages.

With so much information being produced online every single day, creating content that doesn’t stand out above your competition isn’t going to resonate with your customer base. However, you won’t know that until you solicit feedback from your readers and customers. That’s where focus groups come in.

By utilizing social media for targeted online social groups, you can gather vital customer feedback quickly and effectively. You’ll efficiently gain an understanding of what your customers think and feel when they interact with your brand, allowing you to come up with marketing strategies based on that feedback. The best part is that setting up an online focus group on social media is very cost-effective.

There are a few ways to use focus groups in order to gain insight into what your customers want from your brand. You can conduct a focus group on current or past products and services, or test a new product or service before it launches. If you offer some kind of incentive such as a discount or exclusive access to valuable content, you’ll get a much higher response rate when you’re trying to find participants for your focus group. Since people are online all the time anyway, offering some sort of incentive makes it easy for someone to say yes to participating.

We know how powerful a social media focus group can be. At SeriousTraders, we can create effective focus groups that will provide insight on exactly what your customers are thinking and feeling. These groups are the perfect way to uncover what consumers really think about your brand. Our focus groups let participants provide honest feedback about your business without feeling pressured, meaning that you’re getting more accurate responses.

Our first step in the process is to create a strong online presence for your business through engaging social media content. We align with your current marketing goals to create a custom marketing plan for your business. Our team will monitor discussions and comments about your business and create marketing campaigns that solicit honest feedback from your customers.

We take marketing seriously and we want to help your business succeed online. We have the expertise you’re looking for to take your social media marketing to the next level. With targeted focus groups, we can gather the crucial data you need to make strategic marketing decisions.