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A logo is a symbol of a company’s identity, encapsulating in one emblem an organization’s reputation and market power. The term is derived from the Greek “logos” (word), but logos rely more on shape and space than words for their potency, although some do include text. Since they are meant to signal identity, uniqueness is an obvious characteristic, resulting sometimes in strange and cryptic symbols.

A well-done logo is an extremely effective way for a brand to create a good impression, because of the subliminal way in which they deliver a message. Since a logo relies, in the main, on non-verbal communication, its message is subject to less censorship by the mind and, thus, becomes more penetrating. It’s difficult to argue with a shape.

Colors and shapes are the grammar of logos, and they can be employed to arouse particular associations. Geometric shapes, like circles, squares, triangles and diamonds, are structured and symmetric and so suggest those characteristics if they are included in a logo. Geometric design will also arouse responses we associate with structure, such as efficiency, order and organization. On the other hand, organic shapes have more fluid lines and some may resemble forms found in nature, such as leaves and flowers. Organic patterns appear less ‘hard’, making them seem more pleasing and comforting than shapes built with straight lines. They can be used to articulate chance, naturalness, spontaneity, independence and imagination. Thus, a clever design, constructed with a few lines, can communicate in a very unobtrusive manner that facilitates brand awareness and demonstrates empathy.

Once created, your logo has to be integrated tastefully into your overall marketing campaign. Today, marketing channels are everywhere, ranging from traditional print, radio and TV to social media and other digital media. SeriousTraders can help you traverse that universe. We’ve been there and done that.

Creating the perfect logo that represents your company is an art form that SeriousTraders knows well. We have helped over 300 businesses successfully increase their brand recognition in the marketplace, in part by creating visually stimulating, impressive and unforgettable symbols.

We can also build unique ad campaigns to complement your logo – examples are signage, business cards, letterhead, apparel, products, packaging, brochures, flyers, your website and other strategies. It will become a significant part of your brand and corporate identity, all wrapped up in one recognizable mark, a symbol of your business as a whole.

Contact the professionals at SeriousTraders to learn more about creating an exclusive logo for your company.