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Video Production

Visual information is received effortlessly by the brain. This is one of the reasons why videos can be much more effective than text. Video is becoming increasingly popular. By 2020, video will account for 79 percent of all web traffic, marking an increase of nearly 63 percent since 2015.

The written word is powerful, and it will always play an important role in marketing. Text-based content is ideal for building your reputation and communicating your expertise. Video, however, comes with immediacy and vibrancy that written text can’t always deliver. Professionally created corporate videos can revitalize a brand and leave a lasting impression on the target audience.

SeriousTraders specializes in video creation and the delivery of your corporate message in the most convincing way. Our video production team can deliver a range of services that relate to your brand specifics and marketing goals. Executive interviews, guided facility tours and how-to videos are just a few of the options that you can rely on to present your business to the world.

We adopt a tailored approach toward video marketing strategy development. We will work on a script, filming, editing and distribution in a way that meets your unique needs. Video content works beautifully alongside your existing marketing materials to tell your story and maximize its impact.

SeriousTraders combines high-quality streaming audio and video elements with traditional advertising approaches. Our campaigns are personalized, creative and suitable for delivery via a range of channels, including your corporate website, social media, email and various others. Our video content is search engine optimized to reach a targeted audience via popular broadcasting platforms.