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Graphic Design

Graphic design focuses on the transmission of ideas via a visual experience. It is a process that is part systematic, part artistic, which combines text and graphics to communicate an effective message. It is an integral, imperceptible feature in the design of brochures, logos, newsletters, posters, signs, websites and other forms of visual communication, and it can be used in a captivating way to promote your company and sell its products and services.

Although it may incorporate text, graphic design is mainly constructed around visual images, which are just as effective, if not more powerful than written content in corporate communications. Who hasn’t experienced this power at some time or other? Consider how effectively images of sandy beaches and crystal clear water sell vacation packages, or how pictures of smiling, enthusiastic people seduce us into buying a product.

Designers achieve these emotional responses by combining graphic design elements – line, color, shape and texture – using principles of graphic composition. A combination of curved and straight lines can be used to sketch stylized figures, which are simple ways of evoking more complex images. Color, of course, carries emotional power. Red generally portrays anger, love or passion, while orange signals happiness, energy and vitality. Likewise, green often speaks of new beginnings and nature.

Graphic artists work with a range of software programs and design technology to create such corporate messages and communication materials. Done correctly, a visual image can attract attention, entertain, inform, persuade and provoke action. Through careful selection of colors, forms and images, a graphic designer can create a visual concept that drives home the message a company wants to send. This allows brands to be recognized by their ‘voice’, the way Nike and McDonald’s are recognized simply by their logos, achieving a level of brand awareness that written copy is unable to touch.

Graphic design can do the same for your company in the hands of the graphic designers at SeriousTraders. To do this, our team needs to acquire an intimate understanding of your company, its goals, operations and unique value proposition. Then, by placing this knowledge in the wider context of the entire industry in which your company operates, these professional artists will create stunning visual materials that portray your values and uniquely position you in your market.

SeriousTraders is dedicated to creating a memorable brand for your company through the use of graphic design, effectively conveying your corporate message to the world. Our professional team has the skills and talent to develop unique, eye-catching visual images for your company that have the potential to turn your brand into a household name. Contact us today to learn what our graphic designers can do for you.